“I care.” is Allen’s “why”. Achieving positive change and making a genuine difference in people’s lives has always been exceptionally rewarding to him. In his leadership career the praises he appreciated the most were from employees and their families he was able to help. As an international humanitarian, disadvantaged people’s gratitude in emerging nations always brought him to tears.  Adopting twin Haitian orphans, training them up as global citizens and then observing them volunteer in orphanages themselves – more tears. Allen’s amazing team of employee/partners and he are shamelessly obsessed with delivering extraordinary guest experiences. The opportunity to earn the privilege of each guest’s trust and commerce is intensely fulfilling.

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When you meet Lou you instantly feel you found your best friend. Every detail of your experience has been thought about and Lou makes it her mission for you to feel you are the most special person in her day. She finds ways to encourage you with her uplifting words. “By the time we reached our first winery, we felt so welcomed and comfortable, it was if we had known her for a lifetime.” Lou is very authentic, genuine and sincere. She’ll flaunt a too-large ring and ask you if you noticed it. Laughter follows and you have found her weakness.

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Getting a jump on a lifetime of adventure, Reign was born in an earthquake-ravaged, cockroach-infested “hospital” with intermittent electricity. Twice the size of indigenous newborns along with a radio announcer’s voice, the nurses exclaimed, “It’s a man!!!” Raised in Baguio City, Philippines, Barbados and western Canada, his love of adventure and travel never wanes. Self-employed and a philanthropist from 9 years of age, Reign has gathered a varied set of skills from retail sales to Commercial Diving (underwater construction). Reign enjoys fitness, shooting sports along with making personal and business connections while out and about in the community. Moreover, he greatly enjoys a good haircut and beard trim. Look for “The_Bearded_Wino” on Instagram and @TheBeardedWino on Facebook (2)


Bilingual in English and Dutch in addition to being well-spoken with a pure prairie upbringing, Ernie is the consummate host. As a young at heart retired Canadian businessman, Ernie really enjoys meeting new people. He alleges he’s relatively new to the Okanagan, but some how he knows where all the best wineries, eateries and sightseeing opportunities are. Be sure to ask about his favorites. Some are with Cheers Okanagan Tours while others you can do on your own. Ernie is looking forward to showing you a fantastic time in the Okanagan!



Blessed with a life-long appreciation for wine, Barb is especially passionate about Okanagan wines. She has taught wine appreciation courses, served as a judge at several wine competitions, and worked directly in the wine industry for 8 years. Barb proudly conveys she has enthusiastically sampled wines from almost every winery in the Okanagan! She’s equally fascinated by people and enjoys listening intently to find out what people find interesting. Barb is passionate about helping people learn about wine and develop a vocabulary to describe the wines they like. Barb’s favourite wine tasting tool is the wine aroma wheel, Google it, you will love it!

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John studied Sociology and Anthropology in Vancouver before moving his family to Kelowna 22 years ago. He’s a people person often found watching the crowd not the players at a hockey game. Family and friends know him as their “unofficial tour guide” combining his warm sense of humor with his love of the Okanagan. His career in creating positive customer experiences was a natural fit for becoming an “official experience guide” with Cheers Okanagan Tours. He loves creating lasting Okanagan memories for people from around the world making friends out of strangers in the process.

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Just 5 years ago, a marriage proposal and the chance to relocate to the Okanagan was a definite “YES” for Kayleen. Originally from Eugene, Oregon and most recently, Vancouver, B.C., Kayleen has retired after 12 years as a Flight Attendant. The Okanagan has proven to be the best playground for her love of the outdoors and wine. There is no shortage of time for Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Golfing and Swirling, Sniffing, Slurping, Spitting and Swooshing the most amazing wine. What better way to share her excitement for these experiences and adventures, than with family, friends, and guests.

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Born and raised in Kelowna, Lynda has a big smile, a bubbly personality and is an idyllic grandmother. Blessed with exceptional leadership expertise, Lynda successfully taught hundreds of children how to swim and be safe as an aquatics instructor plus went on to help many people be successful in the direct sales field acquiring prestigious awards and the genuine gratitude of multitudes. She makes friends easily, enjoys hiking, yoga, beach, hanging out with friends, movies and playing the piano. Lynda likes to live life to the fullest and bringing others with her making her an exemplary guide.



Born and raised in British Columbia. A professional bartender for many years in Vancouver makes Michael a natural entertainer! Michael’s interests include film, videography, fiction, and playwriting, fitness and gaming. He loves our beautiful valley and thoroughly enjoys playing host for people from all over the world. Welcome Aboard!

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The son of a fighter pilot, Peter was raised throughout Canada plus

London, England and from there, traveled all over Europe. Later, Peter transferred to Kelowna and along with his wonderful wife has enjoyed the opportunity to raise their 3 children, take care of his aging parents and most recently assisting troubled youth through rehabilitation. Success in all his endeavors has been about being able to relate to others, to consider different perspectives and to find the fun moments. For Peter, Kelowna is the most beautiful place he’s lived and serving as a tour guide is a dream come true.



The latest and greatest addition to the Cheers team, (and quite possibly the one writing this), Kyle is an Ex-Pilot, Ex-Creative Writer, now an Entrepreneur, Football Coach and Online Marketing Guru. He’s originally from Calgary, AB; has been in the Okanagan for over 10 years and loves every second of it. He’s been to pretty-well every food and drink establishment from Lake Country to OK Falls. He loves to be out in the sunshine enjoying his time with his son, in a boat, on the beach, playing softball, fishing, golfing, skiing or anything else outside. He has a passion for learning and helping people. You can find him with his laptop and smart phone working from pretty much anywhere he goes. Always connected, always relaxed, always having fun!